I came back from a wedding party this morning, went to bad very drunk, my mind was rotating with my eyes closed, but surprisingly I was able to think about JavaScript code I am about to write for a project.

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    A friend of mine was dead drunk and he started talking about programming challenges, something about how to get on Pluto, can't remember every detail because was a bit drunk myself but it was very funny :D
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    Your subconscious took over and did its job. Now just code it 😀
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    The only time JavaScript really makes sense is when one is drunk
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    Sometimes you must unthink in order to truly think. I've solved many a problem in my sleep, or in the shower.
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    @Rowsdower Yeah, I only dreamed once about my actual code, and when I woke up I knew the solution to the problem lol...
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    @Rowsdower Shower is the Best place to think
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