So, whenever I delay windows 10 update restart a few times, things start breaking. Wifi doesn't work, 100% cpu, ram or mem usage, sound problems etc. And all this goes away once I submit my soul and update. I'm sick of this shit 😡. Today I got a BSOD after which it updated and things seem fine FOR NOW.
Does this happen to other Win 10 users?

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    While the update is pending, there are two of some things but in different directories.
    Because of pathing, things can get screwy with a path search.
    I’ve had issues where post install the pathing still had issues and had to remove the backup of the previous OS.
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    I always update athe end of the day if needed. Never had problems
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    I always check for updates whenever I open my laptop. I've never had an issue with Windows 10 updates.
    Probably because I ❤ Microsoft and Windows knows it. 😁
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    @Qaldim when you start? Thats really annoying though, than you have to wait a bit to do what you wanted.
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    @Codex404 When I start checking for updates? As soon as the background apps (and I have quite a few) load. Checking for updates doesn't take a lot of time and the updates themselves usually download and install in about 5 minutes. The only exception are the big ones (Anniversary, Creators', Fall, April).

    Also, I'd rather wait a few minutes for the updates than have Windows try do them when I am playing. It takes longer then and also the system gets slower.
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    @Qaldim hmm does it make a difference to do it when you are done or when you start?
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    @Codex404 If you are doing nothing at all no. But I prefer doing it at start, because sometimes when I play World of Warcraft Windows think that my machine is idle and start doing an update, sucking up all of my bandwidth.
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