Bye Windows - Hello Ubuntu Budgie

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    I can't abandon windows but in my case goodbye Ubuntu hello Ubuntu Budgie, for some reason it is faster than ubuntu and most of all vs code doesn't suddenly freeze, not sure about vscode but I think Budgie has less bloatware included
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    Looks beautiful 😍
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    Welcome to the family!
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    @gitpush I get the freeze on Windows too, I think it's because they used Electron and there's some issue with graphics card switching although that's a guess
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    One month later: Bye Ubuntu, Hello to my old friend Windows
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    @woodworks the problem started after 1.18 update not sure why tho :/
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    What's the main difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu budgie
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    @apoorvakumar Ubuntu Budgie comes with the Budgie desktop environment versus the standard GNOME/Unity desktop that Ubuntu is packaged with. The UI is focused more on elegance and ease-of-use for new users
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    @byogdc i like unity till now.. I don't even know why the fuck gnome exist
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