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    I don't understand what tipping has to do with the algorithm though.

    Like isn't that up to the passenger? (I've never used Uber, take it easy on me lol)
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    I think what he means is that by telling people he know how to program, he gets higher tips...
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    @MrWouter 🙃🙃 thanks lmao
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    Nah, if he actually knew the algorithm he wouldn’t be driving Uber. He’d be smart enough to work at any top tech. He’s probably talking about the higher level understanding of the algorithm
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    I call bullshit
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    This sounds like a parallel to google search optimization insofar I do believe he can 'trick the algorithm'
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    @groenkek that’s actually a good analogy!
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    I think he\she decompiled the Android apk 🤣
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    Pretty sure I made more doing VB programming not too long ago.
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