Its just frustrating being a person who learns tech or any other stream from the internet.As much as i love the huge amout of information we have access to, it becomes difficult to sort through the tons of information and learn something.When i was a kid , there was a text book which had concepts which i had to understand to increase my knowledge but now without a proper sylabbus and no single source material i'm consuming everything and i end up re-reading same concept again , except this time its from another book.How do u devs get a proper sylabbus and focus yourself when you are reading about a particular subject?

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    I've always been learning best when I had to get shit done. Just set up an example project that uses the technology you want to learn and figure out shit as you go. Even if you screw up and figure out that you should have been using it quite differently, well no problem, redesign it - it's just a learning project.
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    I agree with you. It's not easy to filter information nowadays, and the prerequisites are not always clear.
    That's why I prefer to learn by books. A good book helps you save time when learning the theory, and then you can go to the Internet as a complementary resource for your practice.
    By the way, there are nice video courses to save your time as well. You just need to pay attention to the topics and duration.
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    @nanl True.. Books are always my first option when it comes to learning a subject but there isn't always a proper book available and I agree with you about the huge amount of videos but they tend to have so many information which I don't want.Its easier to skip topics in books than in videos. Some videos are terrible slow for me.
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