If you're not learning anything new at your job it's probably time to move on.

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    Thank you for your advice.
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    Yep totally agree. I had to do this recently. After ten years of working at the same place i found that it no longer had anything to offer me. The managers will always try and offer something, maybe a financial incentive, maybe that dreaded management role :D However, always remember to put yourself and your career development first.
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    half way there!
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    2 months at my firs job as dev and I feel I already did...
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    You are right, am looking for new job.
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    job is just for money for me :D i learn shit at home. but I'm still learning from my current job.
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    @linuxxxxxx Learn from home AND learn at the job. You'll increase your value at double time, and make more money sooner.
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