To all new devs:
- Your language of choice is fine.
- There is no superior way to indent, yours is fine.
- Your IDE is fine.
- Your OS is fine.

Unless you work in my team, of course.

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    Your language of choice is fine, unless it's perl.
    There is no superior way to indent, but tabs are obviously inferior.
    Your IDE is fine, as long as it has code completion.
    Your OS is fine, unless it's fruity!
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    To all new devs:
    Can you please fix this travelling salesman algorithm so that it runs in logarithmic time? No need to hurry, the end of the week will be fine.

    <evil grin>
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    Your indent should Match with the One of your team. Talk about which indent you want to use. If you code alone, take what looks the best for you
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    @brahn you meant tabs are superior. Dyslexia? :D
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    I develop mainly in Lolcode using a cross-compiler to Excel functions in a spreadsheet on google drive with non-breaking spaces to indent. Oh, this runs on WatchOS.

    No autocomplete, yes spellcheck. All my code is of course underlined in squiggly red- if it's not then I know I've made a mistake.
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    @Gilles waht if your "team" don't fucking use indentation.

    What have I done to you that you do this to me?
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    @brahn no. Tabs are superior. Linux is free wich for me makes it better.
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    @SweetHuman "cheaper" not "better".
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    @foldager Linux is better.
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    @Berkmann18 personally, I disagree. Was Linux to be better whilst being free, it would be the most used OS. Windows and macOS appeals in a better fashion to most ordinary consumers.
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    Or I'm reviewing your work
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    @foldager However those ordinary people aren't aware of other OSs and are generally underskilled for using them.
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    @foldager windows and macos is better for normal consumers. You have a point
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    This was quality humor.
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    Next: You call that an IDE? I thought it was notepad. Oh come on, that's not an OS, you're insulting OSs everywhere. Brainfuck? Awesome.
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    Your IDE is fine. As long as it's not Microsoft Word.
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    Your language is fine, so long as it fits the domain of the problem you are solving.

    There is no superior way to indent, unless you aren't consistent about it.

    Your IDE is fine unless it's eclipse, as eclipse is an iron ball chained to your leg. (True story!)

    Your OS is fine as long as it gets security updates.
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    @SweetHuman so was (and is through a disability loophole) windows 10
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