I didn't scream.. just told him to jump off of terrace..
What ticked me?! He was a support guy..slowest mofo ever..
I was in the middle of fixing major fuckup on prod, when our VPN to client disconnected. I rushed over to support to ask if it is 'just' an expired session (which he was in charge of renewing but constantly fucked up) or if there is some other problem, so I know how to proceed..do I need to contact our sysadmins, client's support guys etc..
Was that what I asked you?! // he had an annoying habit of slooooowly talking and explaining unrelated things & personal stuff that bothered him & most of the times he chose the most time sensitive period to drone off..
So I cut him of saying, that others were probably not 'tinkering' with production and that I need this back ASAP, so if he could tell me when the session will be renewed or if there is something else problematic..
He said he will check..I didn't move.. he looked at me insurprise, you want me to check *NOW*?! Yeah, it's urgent.. He proceeded very very veeeery slooooowly, taking the support phone../* he was even eating sandwich during that, so only one hand free, typing one letter at a min */
I was finaly notified that the session expired and that he will fix it soon (meaning in 15-20mins o.O which should not take him more than 5).. and was like 'can I do sth else for you'?! Yeah, do the backflip.. you know the rest..

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    that's painful 🙈
    I'd pour him some RedBull and piss in his morning coffee, hopefully this would turn him into Speedy Gonzales...
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    I would ask him why is he that slow.
    Just a simple question.
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    @PonySlaystation oh, harsh! xDwouldn't help though.. :/
    @Gregozor2121 um..we tried talking to him, he came up with million excuses & justifications...one of them was that he is old..dude, my granma jumps faster when something needs to be done, and she is 80+.. o.0
    He is no longer working here, so that is a biiiiig plus.. 'More work' for other support guys, but they had to do his work anyway, so we are at least not bored to death by his excuses anymore..
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