<IT Support Feature Request>

"Developer Mode"

- reduce condescending support agent chat level to 1.
- remove unnecessary checks for "have you turned it off and on again" & "please ensure your machine is plugged in".
- instantly be put through to second line support as a minimum level.

Cons - none
Pros - reduced developer anger, reduced developer time wastage, reduced developer hatred for people less technical

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    I agree. We need a secret dev code to say to all support hotlines after which we're automatically connected to whatever 2nd or 3rd level line we want to speak to.
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    @ilPinguino #CodeMasons ? What's the secret password?
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    Just say the code-word "Shibboleet" and you'll be redirected to someone, who knows a minimum of 2 programming-languages.
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    @metamourge that was #gold
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    I was able to get something like this at Acer support once. I told the support guy that I wanted to install Linux and what BIOS error message I got and he told me the path to the BIOS setting. Applied that and it (somewhat) worked.

    Too bad that I had to return the laptop anyway because of other issues and because Acer "doesn't support Linux", despite having a shitty Linux variant preinstalled.
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    @metamourge Unless - like the average teknishan sapport chap - they don't know that particular xkcd :'(
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