The Director of my employer's Firmware Engineering department, an older guy, sent out a department-wide email introducing a new hire. IN COMIC SANS.

Even though I am a new employee myself, I cannot let a disgrace like this pass unaddressed. So I politely and as respectfully as possible urged him not to use Comic Sans in a professional setting, and even offered rationale & alternatives.

He essentially responded, "No offense, but I'm gonna use whichever font I choose," but with that one simple sentence riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

Shortly afterwards, he then sent out a mass email introducing me as a new hire. With my provided bio in a business-appropriate font, sandwiched between two hideous blocks of Comic Sans.

Honestly, how the fuck do people like this make it to a managerial position? >_>

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    He sounds badass actually
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    @sjw-brah Interesting outlook, I never considered that XD

    He's the same kind of badass as Negan: More asshole than badass, but badass nonetheless.
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    Comic Sans is being used ironically nowadays, right.... right folks? Anyways that's how I've been dealing with it :)
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    @Npstr Some people and companies have in fact been using it ironically, so we can use your logic and maintain validity. And our sanity.
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