True story.

I had been working for 6 months at the same place surrounded by 6 people (3 of them in my work team) .

On January I receive a message on skype for business "Hello, happy new year :)"

I answered "thanks", 10 seconds later I see the name of who wrote the message, someone called let's say YYY, so I ask one of my coworkers, "do you know who is YYY?" and I hear a voice of the girl seated right in front of me for the last 6 months answering "It's me", "Oh!" I said.

Awkward silence....

Rant to myself for being a shitty non social person.

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    Duude 🙄
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    Lolz.. dumb ass

    If i were you, i would have asked the names of all girls in my workplace the very first day along with their relationship statuses 😋😋😋😋
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    Not your problem, only because she is not attractive
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    @AllieYu her friends might be
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    @irene Surely gonna play smart after all saving own ass is the top priority 😋
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    @irene will ask them politely :-P
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    @irene lol... yep
    And after wine, you know... ;-)
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    @irene She is not in the same project I am, but come one, is sited right in front of me, for fucks sake :(
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    @irene Also, on my favor I can say my coworker's names are a little difficult to pronounce/memorize.

    Some of them are from India(very long and complicated names for me) and Russian/Poland(almost no vowels in the names and many consonants together)
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    @noms89 yeah, you should take a look first, all of them are ugly, hairy(not kidding) and old.
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