Wtf, really??? Are they trying to liyerally KILL ME????

Got home from hospital today wth my family. Baby got sick. Wife also caught cold... Bad news. It was just me still healthy like a raddish [we have such saying].
So I got home. Started feeling somewhat funny. Sore thighs, feeling nauseaus, chilly, a bit dizzy.

10 minutes later I'm fucking trembling! It felt as of I was kicked put bare ass to -20C outside! I'm not exaggerating [probably made some typos.. Pls correct me] - i live where winters get like -35C. Everything around got like twice darker. And my lower teeth got itchy af [NOT the best feeling, trust me].

I must have caught cold too - I thought to myself, cuz I know what these sympthoms mean. I always have 'em all when I have fever. Since shivers are caused by rising fever I got my Microlife remote thermometer out of my drawer. Click, blue light, wait, beeep. 36.5C. Allright.. Maybe I got it wrong... Try again -- same result. Wife also gave a couple tries - nada. Nil. Nullpointerexception. Healthy like a pickle!

10 minutes later I couldn't stand the cold. Got under my blankets wife made some soup, tea,... I still have this analog thermometer, the one with quicksilver. Pop it into my armpit - jusyt in case. 10minutes later I take it out. It says 39,5 and rising. Try the microlife again. 36,5. WHAT THE FUCK?????????

If I weren't so fond of old-school stuff I'd be in a fucking ER now!!

Fuck you medical digital equipment made to be used at home! FUCK YOU!!

I'm pissed.

Do you folks kbow where could I get those q-silver thermometers? Just in case. They're already out of matket in my area for quite some time... For being dangerous [i give 'em that, okay?] and.... Lisen to this.... "unreliable"!


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    I want to double ++ this post.
    So make a comment that I can ++ instead.
    And yeah, get well soon.
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    What about weighing scales ?
    Any idea if the analog ones have also gone out of market in your area ?
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    @irene not Russia. I was born in Lithunia while it was a part of soviet union, yes. But just for the last 1 year...
    Not a part of russia for almost 3 decades now
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    @ViRaS dunno :) maybe there still are some. But these scales, crooked or not, will not cause you waking up in ER ;)
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    @irene darn.. Noone wants to get there 😁
    although alco ones are better, they're far, faaar from q-silver. Never had a qsilver show wrong measurements. But I get that every 2nd time with alco :/

    thx for the tip though....
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    Now the designer of such fucking things is what I'd call certified enganeers. I mean, when I'm building shit for myself I often just bodge it up and leave safety features out.. but when you're building stuff that others will rely on - civil engineering? Having a blunder like that thermometer hit the market is so irresponsible. People could get killed over such erroneous readings!! Anyway, glad you found out about it in time.. hope you'll get well soon :)
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    Hope you'll be better soon 💐
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    @netikras that's unfortunate dude! Get well!

    As for where to get the q-silver, well, you can't get them here anymore (lithuania :)). The electronic ones are actually quite correct if you spend pretty penny on it or buy a chirurgical one. Others are just Chinese knockoffs that our drug stores allows and sells :)
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    @potata i got that microlife for 30€ or so. I did consider it as a decent price. And bought that particular model bcz I saw med staff using it in the best hospital in the area [santariškės].

    Do you have any recommendations?
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    @Condor that's exactly my point. You can make shitty solutions everywhere you want, EXCEPT in areas related to people's health an life.
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    Thanks for unveiling MICROLIFE.
    Companies like this need to be eradicated from the public by denouncing.
    I strongly believe such things are symptoms of a failed market policy / degenerated parts of society.

    Unveil everything for we build transparency tools (the net & forums as such) against fraud, slavery and grief.
    For the people!
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    @netikras Oh, Living in a capital, nice :)

    As for the price/device, well, you can see medics using them but you should know our country better - they use whatever is cheap and/or given to them from their boses that don't really care ;(

    In any case, I'd suggest you doing some researches or even buy a laser thermometer - as they tend to be pretty accurate and not that expensive.
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    I have one of those you put in your ear. They are lightning fast and accurate. Buy one of those instead.
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    Mercury thermometers are like C, always relaible.
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    Poland here - it's quite easy to buy alcohol based thermometer. They are good enough. If you really need one with mercury, you're out of luck.
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