Client: I need this *insert app/machine/thing* ASAP! No excuses!

*work overtime just to get it done*

*after 2 weeks of finishing it*

Me: So has the thing worked without issues?
Client: Oh, I haven’t even used it yet!


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    This is why you don't agree to work overtime without them paying through their nose.
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    Never work overtime, you know how long it’ll take they don’t, don’t be afraid of threatening to quit, I’ve never taken that kind of shit.
    For both my sake and that of all my colleagues. I can find work tomorrow so if they want crazy overtimes they either pay me tenfold or find someone else
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    Always leave a backdoor in case of revenge. They got your precious time you get their money 😎
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    Every fucking time....
    I feel u bro :)
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    __ by client
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