*rants to some people I met in a cafe about how irresponsible making a ground rail live is*

Girl: "well people do make mistakes, right"
Me: "but they shouldn't! It's civil engineering ffs!"
Girl: "that doesn't change the fact that it's impossible for people to not make mistakes"

*realizes that I'll have to explain redundancy*

Me: "okay, so I have 2 mail servers. If I make an inevitable mistake, during an update or so, it only affects one of the servers but not the other one. So service is uninterrupted."
Girl: "that's far too complicated and technical.. explain it more easily."
Me: "alright, what job do you have"
Girl: *tells her job*
Me: "alright, so imagine that you get sick or go on a holiday or something. When there's someone else in the company that's got the same skills, they can ensure that the job gets done regardless. That's redundancy."
Girl: "aah, still too complicated!!"

What the fuck?! I removed all of the technical stuff and it's still too complicated?! How willfully ignorant or plain stupid can you be?!! Well fuck her then, but not in the way of taking her home. Now guess why I don't really like the muggles in my town. Fucking idiots!!!

"But muh BuzzFeed, conspiracy theories, deferring updates because they hog my WiFi, and casual games on my iPhone"


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    I'd quote something very not-women-friendly here lol ... let's disregard.

    Highways are the subject to go, when explaining this tho ;)
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    Filthy muggles indeed.
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    Just say redundancy is like having a backup...
    - If the company has someone else who can replace you on vacations they have redundancy, if they don't, they are fucked.
    - If your computer gets fried but you have your personal data saved in a pen drive, Dropbox or something, that's redundancy, If you don't, you don't have redundancy and you are fucked.
    - Let's say we have sex... if you're taking the pill, and we use a condom that's redundancy... want to test?

    Every explanation ends with your fucked.
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    How about water? You have a water fountain in your kitchen and your bath room (plus a shower) if one breaks you'll still be able to get water.

    Or use starbucks or whatever, if one store burns down there are still 9'735 others in your city ^^

    Or if you really want to use cliches, explain it with shooes, she probably has multiple pairs, but not only different ones, but multiple of the same style to fit her outfit...
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    @GyroGearloose kinda, minus redundancy being comparable to backups.. they're not. Redundancy, say RAID-1 (mirroring), or RAID-5 (striping across 2 or more member disks, as well as one more disk for metadata) is the act of allowing 1 or more disks to fail and still having your data available for reassembly. In a RAID (or my duplicated mail servers) however, things are supposed to be replicated across members pretty much instantly. So redundancy won't be able to take care of a file that's accidentally deleted. However, versioning systems and/or periodic backups would, and additionally you can take your backups to somewhere else (which with RAID you can't).

    Redundancy and backups are similar in nature in that they both protect resources at an additional cost, but the difference is in how they do so. Oh and to get back to the server resources - a backup usually isn't supposed to be doing the work of the live "master node" (feminazis please don't kill me). It's just hosting the data as pretty much a slave node that's being pushed to periodically. Redundant hosts however both are doing the work together and are pretty much peers.
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    @irene Well... try to explain that to non tech people... :D
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    @irene Generally... I can only talk to non-tech people lol :D
    So, I usually translate into simpler language.
    I'm still the wird crazy guy...
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    @irene Oh... I love to talk, I usually have problems at work because most jobs I had were low-tech... So talking tecky stuff would piss off envious people. In such jobs is not wise to be smart, or at least show it...
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    @irene usually I don't talk to non tech people either but I had only wine at home and wanted to drink a beer.. all of a sudden people approached me while I was watching engineering videos on YouTube.. I should've really left at that point. But there were some cuties of which one was apparently interested in going out with an engineer (probably a gold digger now that I look back on it) so I figured that I might as well stay and socialize. Bad choice. Spent a shitton of money, saw the stupidity of non-technical people once more and didn't even get a stupid pussy!! Complete waste of time 😑
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    @Condor Ya... No profit on that one, sorry.
    At least she could try the engineer ...
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    @Frederick NOOOOOOO the trick is to look in the eyes of the one you like, and move the eyes away when she/he looks at you...
    Shows interest but smoothly... If she/he keeps looking back then the interest is mutual, If shows a wird face or moves the eyes away, step back.
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    @irene No... that's the no reward part... I hate to go out in a group where I don't like everyone, it's always weird...
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    @GyroGearloose but who says that I'm interested in someone non-technical? Well maybe for spending one night with a juicy pair of tits next to me, but that's about it 🙃 for long-term however, intelligence is key. Unfortunately there aren't many female engineers 😔
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    @Condor Ya... Like, my latest Ex was a nerd, the first and only nerd I had, and after that... How can I say it? Dumb girls just don't click, even for sex...
    That's why I'm single for 5 years.
    Like, we could talk about everything, only had one physical fight in 3 years (she weighted double than me, the fight stopped when she hit me once lol).
    We are still good friends and confidants.
    After that... How can I deal with a dumb jealous girl that freaks out about everything?
    Only good thing is how easy I can check their phones when I smell something weird...
    Oh, had a 1-month date... Basically, she would ask for money everytime we get together... Well, €20 for a good fuck isn't much, but we were supposed to be dating... Only took a month to rationalize it.
    Just no luck with girls lately...
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    @irene who knows? From what I've heard from the fellow engineer's aunt who told me about him, the fella is very repulsed by non-technical people as well - even more so than I am. Like how I shouldn't mention to him that his aunt introduced me to him, and instead say that I've heard from him from a fellow engineer etc. Quite funny actually how non-technical people think that we're completely asocial and repulsed by any kind of people, while the reality is that it's often caused by a lack of technical merit 😆

    Anyway, I highly doubt that she's gonna get that guy 🙃 she'd probably had a far better chance with yours truly, haha. If only she didn't fuck up :')
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    People like that aren't just willfully ignorant, they pretend to not understand anything they don't agree with. If you insist, or clarify enough they cannot pretend anymore, they instead claim it is offensive and that you are a horrible person for it. (Whether or not their accusations actually make sense, ofc.)
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    @Condor Ew. I would never even consider someone like that.
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    @Root well me neither for anything but a one-night stand, but I got kinda.. desperate or attracted by looks rather than merit, not sure. Anyway, maybe I should just give up on people entirely and buy a Fleshlight already :')
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    @Condor I have problems with one night stands... Always pick the sticky one...
    Lucky me, Almost always had luck with friends with benefits, not so much with relationships...
    Not a one night stand guy anyway... I have a problem... Can't... finallize fast, If I don't feel the click It gets tiresome like half an hour later and then gets awkward...
    Did you ever have sex while feeling awkward? wishing she couldn't take any more?
    It gets really frustrating, takes the magic out of it.
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    Oh, and especially with boards who don't move... Gosh... I'm not young and sturdy as I was, but a girl that looks like a mime... No, please!
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    @GyroGearloose hmm, good point 🤔 like "why am I even banging this airhead?" I kinda lack experience in that regard but guess that I'd feel the same way. And it could even cause me to objectify women into no more than a pair of tits and a pussy, which I really don't want to. I'm sure there's more than gold diggers and airheads out there.. I'm sure of it! But probably not in local cafes 😕
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    @Frederick Nahhh... don't think that way...
    Just get a wider point of view...
    Yes, most girls above their twenties are already married or are gold diggers or just trash bags...
    But there are a few gems...
    Problem is that you don't find these gems on social media, or local pub, or anything like that unless you get a stray of luck...
    Like me.. My ex used to go to a chat site I liked to visit, just to fuck up with man, when she was high or drunk... But we clicked in a way that we kept in touch... but that's one I'm a million...
    And we clicked so much that we are still in touch are we are the confidants of each other. The love went away, we still have that connection.
    They are there... somewhere... under a rock...
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    >Girl: "aah, still too complicated!!"
    >Well fuck her then
    Daddy gon show de wae
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- might as well fuck the head too, nothing but air in there anyway 🙃
    In all seriousness though, I probably wouldn't want to show her da wae to my home.. whenever she enters my place, she'd probably think that I'm some kind of mad scientist doing evil NASA hukery 🤣

    Actually come to think of it, I quickly bodged together some lithium-powered LED cob before departure - it was already getting dark outside and I didn't have a flashlight. So I just soldered it all up in 10 minutes and taped it together. Not sure why nobody called it out as some kind of a bomb to be honest 🤔
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    to drunk to read
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    @Condor they all must have been very high lol
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