Lol :-p
Created Google account with name Ass Guard (Asgard) and then I received mail saying..

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    Hahahahahahah this is so funny
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    Dear Ass, we got a complaint from you stating that the Google Platform always calls you "Ass" and you see this as an insult. We apologize greatly Ass but next time trying adding a "hole" in front of it. According to our dev team there are names that begins with "Ass" like "Assana, Assian, Assala... And this people preferably likes to be called Ass unlike you Ass".
    If that was a mistake or typo then we would query the dev team, lock them up in a room and weep them hard on the ass for not reading your mind while typing.

    The Google Team.
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    @risson just that I'm worried they might ask a govt ID card with name *Ass Guard* on it ;
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    I wonder what is this shiny device powered by android that is Ass related...
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    Like the handle. Hilarious.
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    @gowtham-sai Did you have to give your phone number ?
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    I'm sure Google had fun giving a shiny new device to Ass.
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    Have a ++ Ass 😂😂😂😂
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