As tech savvy people, how do you save money? Don't you wanna get new tech, games and other stuff?

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    I usually get a CD that I have to put money into. After it matures, you can take what you need or you can remake the CD with the money. In the end it's a completely voluntary money saving scheme.

    Also as far as getting new tech and things, I just look around at everything I own and say to myself, "All of this used to be money"
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    I just over think purchases until I don't make them.

    Works every time.
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    It's a nice idea, having all the latest and greatest... But also fairly expensive, and so long as my parts run code decently fast, I'm not too concerned with upgrading. That's why I'm still rocking an A8 processor all these years later 😂
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    @CodeMonkeyG Exactly! After spending weeks thinking about what to pick, I often realise I don't really need said item.
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    I have no time to burn down my backlog aka steam pile of shame. So I refrain from buying games for more than ~5€ and the rest tends to work on my 2012/13 rig.
    Also I don't buy new consoles because I don't even really use my PS3.
    My iPhone 6s and iPad mini 4(?) also are still good enough for me, even though the phone battery took quite a hit from the poke-a-mongo craze and the jack only loads the phone if a little upwards pressure is applied to the plug.
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    @irene It's an AR game that got released few months ago. You have to "hunt" mongoes in the real world, but they're often realyl hard to find. Some are in bushes or on the floor, but most are actually hidden high in the trees.

    It was nice for a while, but when people started jumoing in the oceans to find the better one, you knew that the shit had gone too far.

    It did make people go out and socialise a bit, though.
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    Overthinking actually works. I have done it too.
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    I don't have time for new games.
    No office for better setups, either.

    All I ever seem to spend money on is food and kitchen. I rarely even have time for clothes shopping 😭
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