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    Although to be crystal clear, I still want my paychecks
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    Well, it's that kind of mentality that gives clients the guts to write : "i won't pay you, but would you do it for publicity"
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    Adulation by what public?
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    Let's say it like this:

    If my job would be something not-so-IT-ish, I'd still program in my free time.
    It's like music, drawing, [...]
    programming can be an ART and a PASSION
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    Is this wk66? 'Worst advice you've been given'
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    Reminds me of a zuckerberg quote after the movie came out.

    He said they framed the movie as if he made Facebook to impress a girl. He then commented that Hollywood could never understand that he made facebook simply because he likes making things.
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    But internally I love to code as my hobby and also a profession.
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    I do drugs because it's fun to drug
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    I agree, although not starving to death has it's advantages as well
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    So true 😂😂
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    Spoken like someone who doesn't pay bills
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    Expanding on it being fun: I think coding is fun because I get to help solve others (and my own) problems. If TeamSpeak sucks you bet your ass imma make a better client for it (very literal example lol)
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    That’s why I do it.
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    I couldn't agree more~

    I started ExitCode thinking it would make no money and no one would care about it. Now I have a wonderful (though, small for now) fan base here on devRant, a vulunteere dev team of 6, and a hand full of Patron Backers. <3

    It's not much, but this is more than I thought would happen~
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    I love programming. Like, seriously love it. I love it enough that I gave up potentially very lucrative and much easier career paths to pursue it.

    That said, you has BETTER pay me because I am a high maintenance bitch. At least I'm honest. 😉
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