Do you know why PHP will survive? Here is my observation.

Most of my clients who wants helps have their sites either on Wordpress or Magento or other free PHP cms.

The background is, they install the whole site all by them self and by the end of month, the Wordpress dashboard is loaded with massive plugins and yellow / red warning messages.

Same case with Magento and other CMS alike.

There site get heavy and they realized that they are in deep shit.

Just like some people take medicine all by them-self or by doing google. Until things gets into serious trouble.

and so the conclusion php will survive.
love to hear opinions on that.

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    Php will survive because a (certain demographic) offers dirt cheap, usually utter crap php websites to clients
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    I mean, Wordpress runs like 30% to 50% of the web (depending on who you ask). PHP was never dead. At the same time, I haven't seen many corporate job postings for PHP around me. It's really great for freelancers, but if I want a stable job, preferably at a larger company, all I see is Java, C++/C, C#, frontend (so JS), and possibly some Swift shenanigans. Very recently, I've been seeing Go as well.

    PHP is not dead, but I don't think many companies want to adopt it/use it nowadays. I'm sure it's also highly geo-dependent, so the situation might be different for where you're from of course.
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    I worked for a digital marketing company that would some Magento on a server, load it up with free extensions, and then yell at me when the site isn't doing what the client wants. I would have to spend hours trying to build code inside mage to please the devil, and still want getting things done right.
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    PhP will survive because it's an awesome programming language.
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    @linuxxx everybody has the right to form an opinion even if its wrong
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    @ganjaman I know, and I know that my opinion is right 😉
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    Making a shitty website is not the fault of the language used.

    Don't come tell me you can't write spaghetti in java/C++/whatever.

    And yes.. I develop WP sites on a daily basis, difference is, I know how to use the built-in tools/api, So i only require a little handful of plugins.
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    Also i agree with @linuxxx PHP7 is getting awesome.
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