So I'm helping my vocational school teacher with his Programming class as a graduate. While we were alone and talking about normal stuff (plans for the class and stuff like that), he brought up discord and after that I told him "I really wanna work for them, but I don't wanna move" and he continued to tell me how I have so much potential, how nothing stops me, how I am going far and that I'm going to do a lot. I wanted to legit cry inside because I've always thought the exact opposite of myself and always just thought about living a normal life, with the same dev job, nice home yknow the norm.
Idk man that talk happened in the afternoon today and Im still overwhelmed with the positivity.

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    So what's your preference?

    A regular dev job where you'll just be making some rich assholes even richer OR busting your ass in a startup hoping it'll make it OR educating fellow humans?

    I went with (1) and (2) so far, and while the financial outcomes are pleasing, I still kinda envy the stable life of my tenured friends. Plus interacting with young people and seeing them through their growth has a certain moral zing to it.
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    @karelian I'm more comfortable with a guaranteed stable job/life, I just dont know if I should push myself
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    @Bubbles Hey bubbly... You can push yourself and maintain a stable job/life...

    -Separate Work from hobbies.
    -One personal project at a time.
    -If you can't track your personal project, write it in a paper, so even if you only work on it on the weekends you always know where you are.

    You won't do much this way as a hobby, but it's the middle point without getting a burnout...
    Plus, the extra energy you get from doing your own stuff transpires to your job, making you a happier person.
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