The guy that developed this template redefined every bootstrap class and now i have to maintain it... kill me please

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    Start new project from scratch. use official bootstrap, screenshot the template to use as reference. Build entire thing again. Most likely it will take a fraction of the time rather than reverse engineering it.
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    Flexbox, flexbox, flexbox! Life is better now.
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    I was working with a designer who kept tweaking the bootstrap file then complained when it messed up other things. I nearly lost it on her. She was a wordpress designer who came from the days of table based layout. On the upside she now knows how to use bootstraps correctly.
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    I'd agree. Flexbox, or at the very least setup SASS Susy or Bourbon Neat
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    I feel your pain...
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    Goddammit Jimmy we don't overwrite the bootstrap template, we write it in a separate file.
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