Upgrading Unity with petrifying dread, contemplating the shit loads of work I have to do in order to fix my project as it used depricated APIs.

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    Yep, upgrading 3th party libraries like Unity, Phonegap, etc,... which are core for your app is always hard task to do...
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    @Kekica I'm using Unity only as a simulator or synthetic data generator. But still, the assets I use in the scene are not always supported when transitioning between versions, so I have to fix it or find replacements.
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    I know how you feel, everytime the multiplayer API does an update, I have to weigh in the time it will take to add in my custom changes again/test/fix bugs vs. not updating at all.
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    @speedcodenet I'm no where near as good as the photon network developers are for networking/multiplayer skills/knowledge.

    It would take me years to write something they made that is free to use for the public, I simply just added some little extra features that I find is useful.
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