Allrighty, so we have a huge migration upcoming. The planning started early this spring. We've split the whole process into separate tasks and estimated each of them. Also marked all the tasks client should take care of itself so save funds and time. All-in-all the whole thing estimated like 4 months if we did it [single dev, tremendous amounts of communication with various parties, buy and prepare the infra, adapt app to the changes, testing, monitoring, etc.] and like a month if client did the tasks we shouldn't be doing. The funding for migration is time-bound and can only be used before December. Cool! We got notified that by the end of April we should be good to go! Plenty of time to do things right!

April comes. Silence. Mid-april we resch out to the client. Since there's plenty of time left migration is getting lower priority to other tasks. Well allright, sort of makes sense. We should migrate mid-July. Cool!

July comes. Client replies that everyone's on vacation now. Gotta wait for August - will do the quicker version of migration to make it on time. Well allright....

August comes. Everyone's vusy with whatever they've postponed during summer. Hopefully we'll start migration in September. Mhm...

September comes. We're invited to a meeting by project funders to explain tasks' breakdown, justify the time needed to make the migration. We're being blamed for surreal estimations and poor organization of tasks as nothing's happened yet... [they were the ones who always were postponing things....]. Moreover, they can only spare 20% of infra resources required for data alone anf they want us to make that enough for all environments, all components, all backups, all databases,... You get the pic.
The leader of the meeting semi silently mumbled to other participants 'Well then I'm afrsid we can't make a full migration in time.. Only partial. That's very unfortunate, very. That's why we should not have incopetent vendors [*glancing at us*]'

somehow we agreed we'll get the resources mid-November and we should be thankful for him bcz he'll have to pull some strings for... us..

I left the meeting with my fists squeezed so hard! But it's okay, we got smth useful: resources and start date. Although it leaves us with less than a month to do smth requiring a month for a sunny-day scenario. Nvm, still doable.

Last week we get an email that resources will be available at the beginning of December [after deadline] and we should start a full migration no sooner than Nov 12. Which leaves us with 50% of our estimated fucking optimistic scenario time and not enough resources to even move a single db.

Fuck I hate politics in dev... Is it wrong for me to want to tie them to a pole, set them on a veeery slow fire and take a piss on them while they're screaming their shitty lungs out? I'd enjoy the view and the scream. I know I would. And while enjoying I might be tempted to take a burning 20cm diameter wooden stick and shove it up their assholes. Repeatedly. Round-robin. Promissing them I'll take it out in 5 seconds and pulling it out after 2 minutes.

Can I?

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    If it's all written down on paper, sue them. The legal system knows what to do with leeches like that. Get huge fines down their asses or even jail time.
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    @Condor there's no point... The client is in a way a gov organization.
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    @netikras you're kinda fucked then I guess ;__; my deepest condolences.. hopefully you can fuck them back somehow without risking a backstab. These kinds of assignments are the worst...
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    @Condor I think a snip from my all-times favourite movie illustrates this perfectly: https://m.youtube.com/watch/... :) even this particular scene fits 100% 😀

    naah, I don't wanna mess with politicians.. I hate politics to the depths of my soul. Unless... Unless you mean the pole and the fire? :) that'd be nice.

    I just needed to let it out somewhere.
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    @Condor did you nail that driver yet? Or had any sleep? :)
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    @netikras ended up discarding the driver (too complicated, given how limited my experience with C is) and haven't slept yet.. have to switch up my sleeping schedule back to daytime wake by tomorrow, so I decided to go with a 24h day. Hopefully a 12h sleep will suffice then to get me back on track...
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    It does seem to be a common issue with this chip in Arch though - I've seen 2 more issues from 2008 and 2010 that describe the exact same thing. Just like the people in those issues describe however, I didn't experience those disconnection issues in other distributions like Bodhi either. Perhaps I've went a bit too much "full rage" on Intel's engineers, when the clues point at it being something Arch-centric instead.
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    Now that's a rant
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