OnePlus, first their price grow constantly closer to other companies prices, second when you make a poll to know if you should keep the headphones jack, the community says you should, and then make a phone without one... well you should have expected the backlash

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    Whaaaat?! I personally love what OnePlus is doing. They kept the headphone jack years longer than other manufacturers and even while the price is rising, it is still a very good bit lower that compared phones (iPhones, Galaxys, ...) Removing the house jack to have more space for a desired form factor is absolutely ok imo.
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    @wholl0p The problem is not removing the headphone jack, the problem is polling users asking them if they want to keep it and then despite the result, removing it, feels like betrayal.

    On a more personal note I think the teardrop notch is kinda uglier than other notches even if it gives users more screen.

    they get some points with the inscreen finger print reader though even if reviews find it no as precise than an external one.
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    @Hallelouia I totally agree on this. That's just stupid and "false hopes".. and yes the drop notch is ugly, that's why I stick with the OP6.
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    I had 3 OP devices and I have to agree that OnePlus is my last.
    Seriously, having a device about a year old and it feels like you are just beta testing new features, the community forgets about your device when the new one gets even rumoured, so the long term support community provided to my Oneplus 1 is also gone. Then the notch, followed by headphone jack ended by Pei (who at the end really @GetPeid) not giving a single fuck about the costumers.
    At the end all they do is share unending stream of third world country inhabitants crying tears of joy from their armpits being mesmerised by the performance.
    But for someone who is able to get a hand on more than one device and who can put 1 and 2 together and of course who is able to spend about 150€ more on device I just dont see any more benefits of the brick, besides meeting someone geeky from time to time.
    At the end you might say that the perf is key. But you touch that device more often than your loves ones, so being cheap is last.
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    Yeah, can agree completely. I own the Oneplus 5 and it has been a great phone but it's giving up on me now. The charging port is broke and my headphone jack cable doesn't stick in my port anymore.

    The prices of the new Oneplus phones have been increasing and increasing and I can't stand it...

    At the same time I have absolutely no idea what to buy other than Oneplus. Other phones are either too expensive or I don't like the Software layer on top of Android. Also iPhones are never gonna be my bitch.

    The rest of my Oneplus 5 is still working great so I'm probably gonna buy an individual charging port + headphone jack and replace them myself by screwing my phone open. I guess I'll have to take the risk...
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