What are some bulletproof linux distros, I'm tired of semi-stable distros that need more attention than the work that I'm trying to do on them.

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    Well, if you want stable go for Debian, and if you want **stable** go for CentOS.
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    Step 1 is decide on how much "stability" you want.

    As I don my flame-proof clothing, I rank them like this:

    Stable as a rock, but packages are so ancient you'll constantly be wanting to hit someone with said rock as you run into bugs that were fixed months-to-years ago:

    Debian Stable

    Slightly less stable, but more up to date. Still infuriatingly old at times:

    CentOS, SuSE

    Probably good enough for most purposes:

    Debian Unstable, Ubuntu (or any of its official spins), RHEL

    Bleeding edge or "rolling release", probably unsuitable for all but very special use cases:

    Arch, Fedora

    "I literally just asked for the opposite of this":

    Gentoo, Linux From Scratch, Debian Sid, Fedora Rawhide
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    Thanks for this tier of stability!
    I guess I want something that won't make me go mad and unsure if something will go off every day, but still useful. I used ubuntu earlier which kind of broke down after about a year of using, the small annoying bugs piled up until I decided to go for manjaro. Fuck manjaro... From the tier list you gave, Im thinking of going for ubuntu again or centOS
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    If Ubuntu annoyed you, moving one more tier up the stability ladder to CentOS would be what I suggest as well. Red Hat also offers free developer licenses, so that could be an option too. I merely rank them below CentOS because CentOS is downstream of Red Hat, meaning you'll get more updates and changes there.
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    Im thinking of giving ubuntu its chance to redeem its self before moving to centos. Used ubuntu gnome, what is your reccomendation right now. I heard somewhere that gnome went to shit(im not much of a linux expert, so i might be talking out of my ass)
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    @Kulijana Mm. I tend to agree with that notion of GNOME going to shit (basically, I think they forgot who their user is), but it could be worth another try. I haven't ran linux on the desktop for months, so my knowledge may be a bit rusty.

    Either way, good luck :)
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    I have so far not had any serious issues with Kubuntu. Neither have I had any issues that aren't already present on my Windows installation (issues singular)

    I don't really recall having any issues with manjaro either
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    I use arch linux with i3, and after that i learn a lot how things work than using desktop ready distro.
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