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Hey, so i was hired as a graduate developer in a company recently, its a rotation kinda thing so we get to work in different roles. At the moment i am in performance testing (which i like), here i am learning a lot of new things and like the working environment as well. After sometime i will have the freedom to choose a different role to move to but it is restricted to back-end mostly (that's what i went for during the interview) so i will have a choice between software engineering and QA automation, i can try both for sometime and then i will have to decide which part suits me more. Of course they will take my word but also take into account where i suit more according to my performance and factors like some others preferring the same thing.


Problem is that i have very limited knowledge of performance testing as a career simply because i think most people would prefer Development over testing, but this is a different kind of testing which i actually like. I just want to know if i have this choice then which career path makes more sense as i applied as a developer only but being a newbie i didn't know there were these many categories. A senior developer i know advised me to get all the knowledge i can take from performance but still go with software engineering and didn't explain his rational.

just want some advice for a newbie, i love the workplace.

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    to be honest: do what feels the best for you now. Don't look into the cristall ball too much. Do what you think it is fun to do.

    And as far as I can tell it: you also code as a tester. you also test as a developer, you also code and test as any other guy. but what you should do: do the work with your whole heart and try to evolve your thinking for excellence. because excellent and extraordinary persons will get any job they want
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    @2erXre5 thats the kind of leap of faith i was thinking of taking as well but the problem is i have a clear cut choice thats why i am bit confused.

    Is there a difference between Performance testing and performance engineering ? because i worked with two different senior developers who gave me tasks which were vastly different.

    In the first one we were doing testing of UI in a performance environment for any problems, where i was writing some unit tests which were supposed to be added to the already ready tests. The tasks given by the other dev were more related to hitting an SP or an endpoint to see whats the performance impact of the changes they made. Is this the difference between performance testing and performance engineering ?
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