Took a side job for 1/4 of the price it should cost for a friend.

Kind of pissed off because it should be $4,000 for the hours I’m spending (80 hours) and losing valuable time with my friends and family

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    expensive lesson learned
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    2 lessons:

    1) Never give such large discounts. You're selling yourself short.

    2) Don't work for friends, because now they're going to expect you to do stuff for free or cheap.
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    Never mix personal stuff with business. Never.
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    I agree with the others my dude. In some rare cases it works.

    Exhibit A: did a website revamp for a friend at work, charged him cheap since he will have me doing the updates and posting new stuff for it and he insisted on paying whatever i want(he owns his own business and is loaded)
    Result: cash money to spend on bs, but now his clients want me to do their websites and they be getting charged full price for otherwise easy shit.

    Unless you can put yourself in a similar situation, and even then you need to be careful.

    This is good though, the learning experience will make you a better professional. I do not doubt that you are one already, but it will make you better.

    Keep yo chin up my man.
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    Agreed, don’t work for friends unless you know they’ll reciprocate, or if it’s something very small.
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