What cheap/good quality node.js hosting provider for nodejs/react/mongodb app do you suggest? (including sale, black friday etc.)

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    I've got vultr, which is quite nice
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    I use AWS Lightsail for a couple of small projects that need more then a Rpi to work.
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    @C0D4 how much does it cost you monthly?
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    @echonox it’s like $10/month for 60GB ssd and 2GB Ram.

    They do have cheaper, but I have an Rpi when I don’t need the extra ram so don’t have a reason to use them.
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    Heroku, Google cloud functions, AWS
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    Zeit now for node/react, check it out.
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    You should try mongodb atlas https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas, their dbas (free tier 512MB) , also they offer their back end as service, called mongo stitch (free tier 25 GB of transfer data)
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    I am using the service of DomainRacer for my web application for the last 1 year and I didn't found any issue regarding their service. DomainRacer is best for node js hosting with MongoDB.
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    DedicatedCore is easy to manage all installations steps for cheap node.js hosting react MongoDB application. They are easy to guide in a short limit of time.

    DedicatedCore is the topmost cheapest good quality of node.js plans offering MongoDB applications with unlimited resources.
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