How do you get yourself to work when you are tired/sleepy or unmotivated?

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    I create motivation by reminding myself that I will be homeless if I don't go.
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    @hackedranger I think you are on to something... 😅
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    i look at my bank account balance
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    I remind myself that I don't know how I'd handle failing an exam on the topic/disappointing coworkers and that I'm intensely scared of both of those things, that usually gets me back on track 😂
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    Wifey kicks me out of bed, well I’m up now, may as well get this day over.
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    I don’t.
    I get back to sleep or do something that’s not involving computers and to much thinking.
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    Tired/sleepy then rest and sleep. After that get up and work.

    Unmotivated, keep working till motivation comes back.
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    Coffee, short rest & meditate :)
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    I have the opposite problem. How do I get myself to sleep when I'm tired, sleepy and unmotivated? I can never get a decent amount of sleep because I stay up all night doing ... nothing :/ maybe we should switch spots
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    I just hit random keys for a few hours then tell everyone it's a Python module.
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