Summary of the summary: Boss is an asshole. Root gets angry; boss leaves instead of picking a fight for once. This makes Root sad (and really angry).

Summary: Root has another interaction with her boss. The boss is an asshole. Root is a bitch. Root would have been so so so much more of a bitch if the boss actually fucking responded. Root is sad this didn't happen. Root might have gotten fired. That would have made Root happy. :<


Le wild blackout appears!

-- Conference call (the short-short version) --
Boss: *freaks out* Fix it! Why aren't you fixing it? You have to fix it.
Me: I'm already fixing it. 😕
Boss: You have to fix it! This is important!
Me: Then let's get off this call so I can focus on fixing it!
Boss: Okay but fix it! *begrudgingly hangs up*

-- Slack --
Me: (posting a running log of what I'm doing) This is what i discovered. this is the cause. these are the possible fixes. I picked this one because it's quick and has few consequences, though it may break ____ so it'll need followup fixes. I'll do those tomorrow. Blackout resolved!

Boss: (apparently doesn't even noticed I fixed his shitty service)

-- Next day --
Boss: I want you to work on [stupid shit] instead.
Me: But what about the followup fixes?
Boss: Top priority! because customer service!
Me: ... fine.

-- Next week (verbatim because wtf) --
Boss: Did we test that [resolution] on ______? No one thought to test this. It didnt cross anyones mind at all? Either you guys can make good decisions and document concerns or I have to be part of every decision [...]. But this is basic. SHould have been a team heads up and said if we are switching this what can it break and can we test it. [sic]

Me: Did you want me to resolve the blackout quickly and allow people to actually use our service, or spend two days checking everything that might possibly have gone wrong? I weighed the possibilities and picked the solution with the quickest implementation with the fewest consequences. You're welcome.

Me: (Quotes boss's "SHould have been a team heads up" and links my "this is what could go wrong" heads-up in Slack)
Boss: (pretends not to even notice)
Boss: (talks about customer service related crap)

What a fucking loser.
I'm so angry he didn't respond and start in on me over it. I wanted to tear him to shreds in front of everyone.

He tried adding another huge project to my plate earlier today, and I started flipping out on him for all these shitty sales features he keeps dumping on me in place of real work that i still get blamed for not finishing. The contractor stepped in before it got too heated, though, which is probably best because my reaction was pretty unprovoked. The above rant, though? Asshole doesn't read, just blames and yells when he's angry.

I really hate him.

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    Dear @Root, walk away and never return.

    The alternative goes something like:

    I have a specific set of skills, and I will find you, and I will remove you.
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    @C0D4 The moment I find something that pays (and isn't shady/scammy), I am gone.

    I am so absolutely fed up and angry I am so very much looking forward to laying into him in front of everyone just like with an insubordinate loudmouth private. 😈 The best part is he can't fire me because he hasn't even been looking for other devs, and he knows the company would die without a developer. There is so much bus-factor going on here, and I'm soo actively looking for a bus.
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    Sorry to hear your boss is still being an arse :( Really hope you find something else soon. Much as I enjoy rants, I certainly don't enjoy the fact you're having a miserable time :(
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    You're too good to be there. What a dick, honestly.
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    @Root Based on my specific set of skills, you are in the wrong part of the world for me to even forward you some of current positions going here.

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    Doesn't matter if Root is a bitch. Root is nice to Stand up her stance. Go Root!
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    @C0D4 Argh.
    I've heard that so. many. times.

    Or the offer is there but it's in India or Sri Lanka or NZ and we can't live off the offered salary, even when it's very generous for that country. Makes me sad.
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    Hope that you find a solution (a new job that you love really)
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    @wowotek I absolutely need to do this.
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    @Root 😂try the big ass blip next to NZ.

    Unfortunately working remotely for this company is nearly impossible, I have a college currently interstate and that’s a real struggle.

    I shall start a hash tag
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    yeah but as developers we get spammed by recruiters everyday. It literally takes a day or two to get a new job - you don't even need to wait for the second rude comment by your boss. So why stick around after the first rude comment?
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    @theKarlisK @M1sf3t @C0D4
    For months now I have been trying so so so hard not to quit.

    It's nearing the end of the year (holidays, large upcoming bills, end-of-year hiring delays), I have a newborn, and I have no other job lined up. I also haven't been able to find anything I can accept. I've gotten several offers, but none of them have paid enough for us to live off (e.g. my current monthly salary for an entire year...), some have been very shady or outright illegal, and others I've had a very strong suspicion that I wouldn't get paid. I can't take a job that won't pay or pays poorly because I'm supporting three adults and two children on my income.

    This job is fucking awful, but at least the pay is semi-decent and reliable.
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    @Root Totally empaphise with that; you're bound to find something eventually - good luck in the search, and we're rooting for you. Pun intended. Sorry.
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    @AlmondSauce 😅
    Thanks 💛
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    @hash-table I spoke with the accountant today because of all the shit that's been going on today. (Summary: boss has been trying really hard to pin things on me all day and failed, then made six hours of drama over something small).

    Anyway, I spoke with the accountant who has been with the company for six years. Apparently every single person that has quit has done so because of the boss. My predecessor (API Guy) and he apparently used to get into screaming matches on the weekly conference calls.

    So. It's not just me.
    The guy truly is a toxic asshole.
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    @M1sf3t Yep!
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    @M1sf3t That sounds really interesting!

    It also sounds like a lot of human interaction, though, so I'm not sure I'd be a good fit -- I'm an engineer who dislikes people 😅
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    @M1sf3t If you want any advice, just shout. I used to co-run a makerspace.
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    @M1sf3t Ah sadly (for these purposes) the makerspace I was a part of was fully funded by the university it was attached to, so no idea on the non profit side of things I'm afraid :-( I was more thinking if you needed equipment advice or ideas, but you may be a way off that yet!
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