Do y'all have antivirus/anti-malware? Why? (if yes to first, which software)

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    No, my windows got windows defender though since it came as default, but I never bothered with it
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    Avast that i turn off constantly because that son of a code hugs my hdd io for himself

    and malvarebytes for that scan from time to time in case of total panic
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    Yes, clamav. Why? Isn't that obvious? Security reasons.
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    @linuxxx Like @Gregozor2121 I've been using Avast, but their constant popups trying to get me to buy their upgrades or whatever are driving me nuts. :/ How is Clam? Would you recommend switching to it?
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    @Navigatr Well, I keep my system so locked down that I've genuinely got no clue if it works 😅
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    Nothing. MacOS with a bit of common sense helps.
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    MSE and common sense keep my win7 laptop virus free since 2014
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