Seriously though.

Why use Arch. It sounds like headaches.

What is the benefit. Like, I used to have fun with
tweaking systems and so forth, until it became
not so fun when I had to actually do it to make
money, like server admin on my websites.

From the sounds of it, setting it up takes hours, none of the packages are quite ready, it takes google research and troubleshooting for common tasks, etc.

Why not say, Ubuntu, kde? Or whatever.

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    Arch is a meme
    btw I use Arch (no I don't)
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    "Ubuntu, kde?" How does KDE fit in here? By the way, you should also try NetBSD
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    Also some people automate their Arch setup: http://larbs.xyz
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    Arch isn't too bad, it's just generally destined for those that like setting things up themselves rather than having graphical tools in place to do it for them. It really just gets its nightmarish reputation from those who expect a point and click "just works" type interface for everything.
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    @AlmondSauce @irene

    I heard that here! All the gripes about it, etc.

    Well, now I feel like I want to try it.

    Wtf is up with that

    some... voodoo sales magic there
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    @rant1ng I believe we accidentally used viral marketing on you.
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    @asgs KDE Neon is a distro, but I don't think that was meant here.
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    Well, about the biggest benefit about it is, that you're able to tell people that you use arch.

    Order a beer in a bar isn't just ordering a bear, as bonus you get to tell every one, that you use arch. If you're at a job interview, as soon as you mention that you use arch, you are the interviewer! You use arch? Bam! You instantly grow a 20cm beard (no matter what gender you are)
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    It's really about control. I remember having an ultra-minimalistic arch install in which I handpicked all of my apps. At my work computer I have fedora, but when you go down the ricing road (r/unixporn) nothing beats arch since you have pretty much all packages vanilla*

    And AUR, I miss AUR!
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    Arch might be a lot of hassle at first, but you can avoid those of you use manjaro or antergos. It has an amazing package manager, so that's one reason to be on the ship. People who like to have control over their systems prefer arch, also if you wanna *rice* your desktops.
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    75% op my app:

    "Well I did this, might as well finish out the whole feature"

    2 years later and.... released, but... still so much to do, fuck. Especially admin stuff I thought I could use phpmyadmin for.... nope.

    Programming is a lot of hard work eh.
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    void gang
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