Thoughts on Mr. Robot the show? I'm halfway through season 2 and am utterly taken aback by the brilliance of this series

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    Never heard of it, but thanks to this post I'm going to check it out
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    Season 1 - awesome
    Season 2 - I gave up
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    The writer once said that the the plot doesn't matter.

    And I agree.

    Mr.Robot is a show that thrives on unexplained storylines.

    Anytime Eliot's illness kicks in, "shit hits the fan" and everything you thought you knew about the show gets thrown into question.
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    Season 1 - cool
    Season 2 - boring but with creative ending
    Season 3 - probably best of those three
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    Season two went pretty downhill. That's where I gave up
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    @C0D4 same here. Season 1 was brilliant but I couldn't finish Season 2. It was becoming pretty boring.
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    same here s1 top notch but s2 couldnt maintain that brilliance
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    It's okay and the technobabble isn't as bad as in CSI.
    But then again, I only saw the first episode and, while certainly entertaining, it's got lots of infosec related plot holes. Don't expect realism.
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    Shit I'm midway through S1 and I find it pretty bad, characters are unbearable and so much pseudo-philosophical bullshit that doesn't make any sense. If S2 is worse I'll just stop now
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