Many people think in terms of
this || that
When it's actually about
this && that

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    I think in this^that
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    @hubiruchi I just had a little adventure in my mind when I saw your comment. I saw the ^ and thought "I tried using that once in C++ for exponents, but I don't remember exactly what it is"

    Was going to look it up, couldn't think of how to word it. Then the words "bitwise xor" came to my head and I found exactly what I was looking for.
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    @infernalempress now I imagine the words "bitwise xor" with wings flying down like some divine shit
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    @hubiruchi Just a bit man. 😂 It was a bit divine

    But I'm not sure how to pronounce xor like as a word. I know it's exclusive or, but like sometimes I just wanna say "xor" as a word. Like xkcd
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    what if this = that
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    ...for some probability n*this && m*that
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