!rant, HTML is the toughest

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    I'm afraid you need to know css to hack a bank.
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    Bet I can do it with LaTeX :P
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    Start with h#
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    Come on guys scratch should do
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    Dude just watch the youtube hacktutorials. Every hacker knows that you need to learn the cmd programming language to hack
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    Wow, you noobs! Everyone knows that you can hack a bank only with MS Office
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    Real hackers hack with BrainFuck
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    @creator I remember some Indian film demonstrate it done with Windows Media Player :D
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    Well if you can't use the right form of "too," so I'd say assembly
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    Hi guys who want steal a bank, click on the link below to know how to do it: http:///www.tutorials.fbi.gov/...
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    Wow .... you guys are low level, the best way to hack a bank to go the hard way, put on a mask, and just watch million other "hacking" films, like oceans, etc.
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    When you learn Visual Basic to hack a bank.. you end up loosing your sanity for the second time and you attempt to rob the bank
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    @jpichardo That's too hardcore.
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    Just ask Clippy. He'll do it for you.
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    You can't really hack a bank anymore, they utilize enough cold storage backups and write only discs that any transaction would be revoked.

    The only way you can successfully hack a bank is through social engineering. Humans will always be the weak spot,... Not html..
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    I once hacked a bank using xml and used the money to install wifi in jail 😎
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    I prefer Trump script to do that..
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    Very easy! Just press F12 on your browser, change the money figure, take screenshot, then post to a social networking platform like Facebook with the hashtags #pwned #hacked

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    @silly-symphony don't forget to brush over your name in paint, do nobody will know it's you, totally neglecting your social media account :p
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    Use jquery
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    Guys guys guys, simple.
    Switch off the bank and switch it back on.
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    When someone says that HTML is a programming language, I want to rip their throat off
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    @mrtnrdl who's Kali?
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    There's an emacs macro for that
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    @mrtnrdl nailed it bro 😂
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    Right click on Chrome browser icon, or whatever browser you use.
    >Open with> Notepad

    Then select first 15 lines and delete. >Save the file
    And restart the browser. Enjoy
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    @GrizzlyMagnum saved that for later use. Gonna hack dat bank so hard.
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    v. slow claps
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    What you need to hack a bank is a screen full of impossibly quick moving miscellaneous net code. That scrolls up the screen at breathtaking rates making it impossible to read.

    The code needs to be green and the background black.

    Once you've managed that you are in!
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    You could hack a bank


    You could just echo hello_world to a text file, call it a blockchain, and make millions on your ICO
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    Your all wrong
    First thing you need is the video animation
    It's easier to hack when you have an animation of a hexagon turning red from blue
    A world map in black and green may work too but it depends on the bank
    Anyway remember to yell something about servers every 30 seconds otherwise it won't work
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