Had my junior test at work yesterday, and...oh boy. I don't think I've ever been so stressed in my life.

>inb4 "welcome to the real world kid"

Yeah yeah I know but god damn, this was too much. I heard from seniors that you get used to everyday stress, it comes with the job, but junior test ( aka "stress test") is the breaking point for most "new" arrivals.

The test itself tho is not even that hard. Dealing with so much stress and time pressure for the first time is what gets you. Not knowing what happens if you don't pass certainly doesn't help.

I broke down at one point and even after finishing, going home (got no sleep) and coming back today, that feeling of hopelessness is still there.

No real point to this rant, I just needed to vent

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    pfff test for juniors and intentionally putting them under pressure? Fuck this company. To learn you need a safe environment not a hell where everyone is proud how much stress he can handle.
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    hopelessness.. wow nice word
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    yeah fk this company lol
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    You do get used to the stress.
    But a development job is a breeze compared to game development, so. Maybe I just can't tell what's too stressful anymore.
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    @Root yup, people warned me about game development and yet I still went for it ­čśâ­čöź
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    @while Crunch!
    It's no longer a candy bar.
    It's existential dread.
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