"God Mode" in Windows 10:

1. Create a new folder on your desktop. Leave its name to be "New Folder"
2. Open CMD with administrator privileges
3. cd C:\Users\<your username>\Desktop
4. ren "New folder" ".{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"

Enjoy direct access to all and every settings. :-)

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    Instructions unclear got car totalled.
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    Now I just need a laptop with Windows 10...
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    @hanieh-m just for that? Please, no! 😨
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    @Yamakuzure Oh no, I won't buy one. I'll just "borrow" my roommates laptop. 😁
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    Someone post a link. I haven't run Windows in years but I'm still curious.
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    @iKameo If you try using the desktop ui, it errors out, because the name must not start with a dot. ;-)

    Oh Wait! I just found out that you can prefix it with "GodMode", so it'll work from the ui, too.
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    sudo is faster
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    Admin isn't enough for Windows, gives me access denied and I'm in no mood to go into those shitty ass permission management system.

    Smh, it's very simple for external apps to get such access with just a prompt and I can't do it via the command prompt.
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    @TheAnimatrix Just prefix it with "GodMode" like described at the page I linked above.
    No admin privileges required!

    I forgot about that, but can't edit the post any more. 😔
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    I think that GodMode in general isn't very useful.
    I can find everything myself without something like that and also if I take care of other machines I am not going to somehow enable godmode if its much faster to just search and find. And on my personal machine I also don't need it because I know what I want and where to find it so I don't have any use for that.
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    @hoch10 It is far less spectacular than it sounds, right.


    > I am not going to somehow enable godmode if its much faster to just search and find

    The search field in the GodMode Panel is far superior to the one in the Windows Settings. And more direct. You can't be faster than that. ;-)

    ( But the subjective speed of something you are very familiar with, is often higher, of course. ^^ )
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    1. Open cmd with admin privileges
    2. Type Format C:
    3. Press enter
    4. Enjoy freedom!
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    Sadly I can see the number of settings items decreasing with every win update
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    @Yamakuzure just add a dot at the end too
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    Why format when you can use fdisk?
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