So did any of you guys use bulma as work or side project? I tried it and I find that it’s documentation isn’t as good as bootstrap or semantic ui, there’s some stuff that’s not stated there and I have to find out myself.

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    I love it!! It's documentation does lack examples but I found it pretty straight forward to use
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    I love it. Created a pretty minimal ui using it. The documentation is also a bit minimal😂
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    @bashleigh @gvnix I thought I was stupid, lol

    @theKarlisK still a css libs that doesn’t rely on js is quite nice
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    @bashleigh @gvnix @theKarlisK also where is the control and input sizing? Been searching everywhere and the basic syntax is like in random place
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    It is minimal. I used it as a base, but I have quite a few additional sassfiles built around it
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    If you want to accomplish something special, it's true, it's a trial and error (even went to issue help on GitHub). But overall it's quite good in my experience, especially forms, plus the, quiet useful, extensions to it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Is it something like is-size-large?
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    @Vuetiful @h4xx3r yeah I created a bunch of helper cas only to find ou that “hey they actually have this” and refactored all of them

    @theKarlisK @bashleigh thanks, but I meant the width like half of the current field, ugh I have to go back and forth most of the time with this libs

    Also the docs kinda use p or span when it kinda have to be a div tag, is this the rules now? Tags don’t matter anymore?
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    @theKarlisK ok thanks for the explanation, I’ll try doing it your way
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    Bootstrap documentation is better.

    However Bulma is better than BS if you want something lighter.

    I am long time BS3 user and then I got sick of BS3 and found Bulma. Liked it and used for a project.

    Then I found UIkit and using it till now.

    Not going back to BS although BS4 is not bad. It's ugly IMO 😁 and with UIkit, I code less.
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