Sounds familiar?
Bug times!

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    That's funny and a little bit infuriating. "I'm not paying for your time, this website will be free to use!" I felt my blood pressure rise a bit 🙃
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    They always have that million dollar idea
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    It amuses me that they always seem to refer to it as their “business” when “business” would imply some financial transaction they’re clearly not interested in commencing.
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    The internet is not free :/ like he would still need to pay for a server to host his website and have a valid certificate to navigate the website
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    I wonder what you'd be loosing by not making websites for 'free'... hmm..
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    If it’s a million dollar idea, than he should probably have a business plan and at least a deck... oh wait, he probably wanted you to make that for him. For free...
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have finished your website. Your next steps should be to choose a theme (I have made it dynamic, you can customize the look!), and to contact your favorite hosting provider to get your website online. You can download the site I made for you here:


    The website is completely free, and support is also free (of course!) at https://wordpress.org/support/...

    Thanks for your business!
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    It amazes me that such people actually exsist. What a piece of shit. I am so angry just by reading that.
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    Welcome to devRant ;) @dyte
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    @gruff It's kind of funny that it's both a "website that's free to visit, so I can't pay you", and a "million dollar idea". I'm curious where that sack with a million dollars will come from.
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    @bittersweet gosh, what a great idea! How much do you charge for this consultation?
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    @gowtham-sai thank you good sir.
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