Am I doing something wrong in integrating bootstrap into my web design.
I'm just making some cool looking password reset forms and stuff.
1. Is it overkill?
2. Is there a better alternative?
3. Any good tutorials to understand bootstrap better than what I do know? (afaik it's just a collection of html elements and css styles)
4. I still have a problem with auto padding at different resolutions which messes up the alignments and stuff I'm really inexperienced at this.
5. I'm a noob at web UI and I want to add it to my skill set so I don't mind a good recommendation to some sort of path I can follow. (I'm alright with Photoshop concept designs, I'm bad at implementing them)

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    Are you using bootstrap for the grid? Or other elements aswell?
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    Also I'm only using it as an alternative to native case for centering stuff properly at various resolutions. Responsiveness ?

    Someone please explain to me what sass is and when and why I should get around to using it
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    If you not using bootstrap for anything besides the grid (responsive design) use grid960 instead, lightweight and does what you need.

    SaSS or ScSS is probably something you won’t need, not something I’ve ever needed in 12 years of webdev 🤷‍♂️ one of its major benefits was variables for reusable values, but CSS3 has var() and the :root element to to handle this, plus you then go out of your way to run Ruby somewhere to compile it back to css anyway.
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    @C0D4 essentially like what coffee script is to JavaScript ? I'll stick with css then. Will check out grid960, also what's different ?
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