Hey guys,
I'm waiting for the first round interview result...I know my result...I didn't do well...I don't know why im waiting, may be karma turn back and change my results...

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    I dont mean to fill you up with false hope but the interview for my current job didnt go well either, i answered most theoreticals right but answered almost all syntax questions with “i dont know” which were about half the total questions. 2 weeks later i got the approval email. I was mostly shocked coz i expected any company BUT this one because of the interview. But sometimes you dont know what their priority is or how willing they might be to teach u what u didnt know in the interview. Goodluck anyway :)
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    @AymanH thanks...I got selected in the first round... waiting for second round...
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    @AymanH hell, sometimes it may even be a desirable quality to be able to admit there's something you don't know off the top of your head.

    My last interview didn't go well either but I still got the job 😅 you can never truly know.
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