Went to an interview for the position ‘PHP Web Developer’. Interviewer scans through my CV for 2mins and then starts the interview.
Interviewer: Do you know Java?
Me: I know Java but I don’t have any professional experience
Interviewer: Do you know Hadoop?
Me: No. I’ve never worked on it
Interviewer: Our company works on Hadoop hence you should be able to work on that after joining.
Me: I thought this is a PHP web dev position.
Interviewer: Of course. But you will have work on various other things too!
Me: I don’t think I want to become jack of all trades. Thanks for the opportunity!
I got up and left the interview...

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    If this was your first job, this is probably the dumbest thing you did.
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    @kalippu Of course this wasn’t my interview for the first job. I was already a PHP web dev!
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    They're just like - we want to build Facebook clone in 100$.
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    @SauceBoss i think for a first job, its better to explore stuff and work on different technologies than calling yourself <enter-language>-developer, and refusing a job solely on that basis. You can always specialise later though. but thats just me.
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    My brother went to give interview for .net position they hired him as java developer.
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    @TRex that's very different from php vs Java though. A good C# develop can get to being a good enough Java developer in few weeks, same can't be said about php.
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    The best advise I have ever heard from a software developer: Be language agnostic.

    If it were a job related to creating a data analytics platform using php, would you take it?

    I really don't see why exploring different avenues of software development more is frowned upon by most devs. Maybe it's a personal choice. But I can't relate to this.

    But I do agree with the fuck up the talent acquisition team did while advertising the opening. They need to get their processes fixed.
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