Someone found my curriculum online, hooked me into an interview. I go there and the dude that handles the interview asks me: "So, why do you want to work with us?"
Man, I don't even know myself.

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    for money, stupid.. for money
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    Lol this exactly happened to me a few years back.
    A recruiter found me in Linkedin, invited me to an interview. First question: why do you want to leave your current job?
    Fuck no, I do not want to leave my current job, you're the one who insisted on me taking the interview
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    I am very passionate about not starving to death.
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    Cos the headhunter was under the impression that I'd fit in here somehow
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    Things I'am afraid of #1

    being on an interview, then remember all jokes in devrant, and be sarcastic with interviewers.

    Oh things can go wrong in many ways
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    @Xamenyap then why go to an interview in the first place :p
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    Hah, reminds me of my teenage years. I played guitar and one of my friends started asking me to join their band. I kept saying no, since the other guys in the band were kinda deuche. After some time I finally gave in and went to play with then. The first thing the King Deuche said was that "hey you realize that you are just in trial time and we don't take just anyone in!".

    I unplugged and walked out.

    You should've done the same.
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    @xewl I was bored, and wanted to check what kind of technical questions they asked in interviews these days
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    Haha happened me the same a year ago, and I tell the dude "you asked me to come, I'm open to new offers", he wanted to offer me less money from my current job, he tried to convince me that the company was cool and culture blah blah... didn't worth it tbh.
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    Lol, something similar happened to me:
    - recruiter: so, what do you think about what our company do?
    - me: I don't really know, I'm just aware about your stack. I was expecting you to tell me what you do (which I don't really care, btw)
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    Every single comment in thread “something similar happened to me too.”
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    @smb26 yeah, there's always an exception that wants to throw itself...
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    @geronimo did you just call me an exception? 🥺
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    @geronimo don’t make me come over there!
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    @Scipio dont make him throw you
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    @Quirinus I can’t win this argument.
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