Okay guys, this is it!

Today was my final day at my current employer. I am on vacation next week, and will return to my previous employer on January the 2nd.

So I am going back to full time C/C++ coding on Linux. My machines will, once again, all have Gentoo Linux on them, while the servers run Debian. (Or Devuan if I can help it.)


So what have I learned in my 15 months stint as a C++ Qt5 developer on Windows 10 using Visual Studio 2017?

1. VS2017 is the best ever.
Although I am a Linux guy, I have owned all Visual C++/Studio versions since Visual C++ 6 (1999) - if only to use for cross-platform projects in a Windows VM.

2. I love Qt5, even on Windows!
And QtDesigner is a far better tool than I thought. On Linux I rarely had to design GUIs, so I was happily surprised.

3. GUI apps are always inferior to CLI.
Whenever a collegue of mine and me had worked on the same parts in the same libraries, and hit the inevitable merge conflict resolving session, we played a game: Who would push first? Him, with TortoiseGit and BeyondCompare? Or me, with MinTTY and kdiff3?
Surprise! I always won! 😁

4. Only shortly into Application Development for Windows with Visual Studio, I started to miss the fun it is to code on Linux for Linux.
No matter how much I like VS2017, I really miss Code::Blocks!

5. Big software suites (2,792 files) are interesting, but I prefer libraries and frameworks to work on.


For future reference, I'll answer a possible question I may have in the future about Windows 10: What did I use to mod/pimp it?

1. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

2. AeroGlass

3. Classic Start (Now: Open-Shell-Menu)

4. f.lux

5. ImDisk

6. Kate
Enhanced text editor I like a lot more than notepad++. Aaaand it has a "vim-mode". 👍

7. kdiff3
Three way diff viewer, that can resolve most merge conflicts on its own. Its keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-1|2|3 ; ctrl-PgDn) let you fly through your files.

8. Link Shell Extensions
Support hard links, symbolic links, junctions and much more right from the explorer via right-click-menu.

9. Rainmeter
Neither as beautiful as Conky, nor as easy to configure or flexible. But it does its job.

10 WinAeroTweaker

Of course this wasn't everything. I also pimped Visual Studio quite heavily. Sam question from my future self: What did I do?

1 AStyle Extension

2 Better Comments
Simple patche to make different comment styles look different. Like obsolete ones being showed striked through, or important ones in bold red and such stuff.

3 CodeMaid
Open Source AddOn to clean up source code. Supports C#, C++, F#, VB, PHP, PowerShell, R, JSON, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript.

4 Atomineer Pro Documentation
Alright, it is commercial. But there is not another tool that can keep doxygen style comments updated. Without this, you have to do it by hand.

5 Highlight all occurrences of selected word++
Select a word, and all similar get highlighted. VS could do this on its own, but is restricted to keywords.

6 Hot Commands for Visual Studio

7 Viasfora
This ingenious invention colorizes brackets (aka "Rainbow brackets") and makes their inner space visible on demand. Very useful if you have to deal with complex flows.

8 VSColorOutput
Come on! 2018 and Visual Studio still outputs monochromatically?

That's it, folks.


No matter how much fun it will be to do full time Linux C/C++ coding, and reverse engineering of WORM file systems and proprietary containers and databases, the thing I am most looking forward to is quite mundane: I can do what the fuck I want!
Being stuck in a project? No problem, any of my own projects is just a 'git clone' away. (Or fetch/pull more likely... 😜)
Here I am leaving a place where gitlab.com, github.com and sourceforge.net are blocked.

But I will also miss my collegues here. I know it.
Well, part of the game I guess?

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    Quality rant

    Glad for you <3
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    Love the list of Windows mods/tweaks. I'll be getting some of those later.

    So you use Code::Blocks? And you'd recommend it? I lost my free educational license for Jetbrains a few weeks ago so I can't use CLion any more and I'm looking for alternatives.
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    @EmberQuill Well, I am with it for a long time now, always doing live builds. I never tried the official releases, though.
    Currently I am a bit torn. They use wxWidgets, but the GTK+3 variant causes the symbol browser to crash, so it is disabled.
    I have planned for a long time to fix that, but find no time.
    ( I am not associated with Code::Blocks, I would simply propose a patch to upstream. )

    So unless you use wxWidgets with GTK+2, or the symbol browser is fixed, there might be better IDEs out there.
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    Wow, lots of cool stuff! Will definitely check out some of those links later!
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    @xzvf Until they get everything working with the current wxGTK, me neither.
    Well, just have a look.
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    @xzvf Don't get me wrong, I do like vim and I use it a lot, but when I'm working on a large, modular project, I really prefer an IDE. Vim, for all that it has loads of fantastic plugins, is not an IDE.
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    My first day is really relaxed. I spend half an hour cleaning and polishing my keyboard and mouse.
    The reason is simple : my work laptop hasn't been delivered yet. 😊

    So my desk looks like this:
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