I'm exhausted.
After one and a half year after my last rant, I'm here again. I left the previous job as web developer after almost 12y. At the time I found 3 new jobs as developer; I chose the one with the largest company, the premises were really good. My 3 interviews were excellent. But what I found next was almost a nightmare.
I was literally "confined" for the first 2 months, no internet connection, no email address, very little communication with colleagues. My near colleague was sharing the code were I would work via a usb key. All this for "safety" purposes, because "here you start this way".
For me it was not so bad, I could take my time to study my work and do it (without Stack Overflow and only by reference guides, when needed - I felt proud in an old way). But the next months were really tough: no help to understand what I missed about the work I was doing (consider that I was working on a large database, previously used by an old ERP, on which other developers - prior me - wrote a lot of code, to make the company continue use all the data after the expiration of the ERP licences - speaking about a year 2000's Java application).
Now I find myself struggling, because the main project on which I was working has been set aside (apparently for some budget decisions); my work team constantly make me do some manteinance on the old code, but the main tasks are done by the old mate, "because deadlines are always pressing and there would not be enough time to explain you anything". I'm not growing.
I'm really becoming reluctant to write code, and whenever I do it, I constantly feel under pressure, and this makes me nervous and inclined to make errors.
Don't take me wrong, I was/am good at my work, but it's like I'm loosing that sparkle I had till a few years ago.
When I'm at home I try to study or write code, just to keep training my mind, but I'm really struggling and I'm worried about losing my brain for doing this job. I constantly forget things and lose focus.
Never felt this way. I am thinking about the chance to switch again and search for another company.

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    Sounds like a shit job and I would do exactly the same thing
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    Forgetting things and having a hard time focusing - you might be getting burned out because you're stuck at a soul-sucking job.

    Start looking for a new job, no need to stay where you are!
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    Yep, start looking for a new job. Maybe an even bigger company.
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    @iAmNaN Dunno. Satisfactory wise I usually prefer smaller companies. Less strict working conditions and less bullshit to deal with.
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    I wouldn't want to work at a company with less than 50 people. 3 man shows sucks. Sure you learn a lot because you do everything. But with a certain company size there come some amenities like a decent Human Resources office which pays your salery on time. Or if you have a bad day it's not the end of the world if you blend in to the crowd and slack off for a day. And you've got the chance to learn more people with usefull and interesting experience backgrounds.
    I would say the sweetspot is about 150-900 employees.
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    I work at a company that has more than 30,000 with an IT department that exceeds 1000. We're in Glassdoor's top ten best places to work, and if you look at Glassdoor's list, they are all large companies. They have the ability to make change, because they aren't controlled by the whims of the owners brother, or an egotistical maroon that is clueless on how to successfully run a company, that knows that positively motivated employees are great for the bottom line. Go big!
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