I suggested the other day that devs should not go to every meeting, actually I suggested they should be "sitting with headphones undisturbed" , everyone looked at me like this was absurd.

I wasn't running away from meetings because I suggested I should go to meetings to get requirements and such, instead of the whole team...

Am I missing something?

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    Nope, you are right on. There's a soecial place in Zyrolasting's Inferno for people think everyone must be at every meeting for the entire meeting.
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    @iAmNaN well, looks like all management and all the dev team are going to that place... Even after they agreed to use scrum several times over 2018...
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    @hell my company agreed to use Scrum too, and then came up with some kind of bastardized "Scrum but not really" methodology that is really just Waterfall dressed up in agile clothing. My team lead hates it. My PM is actually a certified Scrum Master and he hates it with a fiery passion.
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    For me it's the opposite, I'm not even invited to meetings where requirements are discussed -.-
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    @jonii thank god for that.
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    @EmberQuill yeah, even after one year of studying scrum like a maniac, presenting to everyone, my boss still runs like a desperate monkey every time we have requirements and new projects...
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    if your job can't be change, you can change your job, but it won't change anything.
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