"A world where skill, not birth, would be valued.. isn't that the world you wish to make?"
- High School DxD Hero
(yes I'm a fucking weeb, get over it)

Post-meritocracy and all its assocated bullshit, it's played a major role in 2018. Because clearly merit is a bad thing. Let's make success dependent on how you're born, and what features you have upon birth. Let's have it be decided by what you are, rather than my what you aspire to be.

You know what's an already existing system like that and I despise? The caste system. A system in which not your merit but your family, your heritage, decides your success. Not merit, not what you, yes you, want to be. Fuck family, and fuck family-related hierarchies. Yet that's what the post-meritocracy society would be. One that's decided - just as much as the family factor is - on what you are, not what you want to be.

Fuck post-meritocracy, and fuck the caste system. Let's make 2019 a year of change, one where merit becomes important again.

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    @irene well... I am not sure, if you are just joking, but that is not hentai.
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    @irene mate, watch kiss x sis and realize that that's also ecchi 😏
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    @irene you fellow hentai weeb πŸ˜‚
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    There was once an hentai. Idk what its name was.
    But it contained a female teacher, 5 or so female students and one male student. All from the same school class.
    They got kidnapped to a laboratory and the guy was the key. Etc. Etc.

    And another example is Boku no [...].

    These are hentais. HDxD is ecchi
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    @irene it is indeed very close to hentai, but it isn't since they do not go any further than showing butts and boobies.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Boku no Pico ftw πŸ™ƒ
    (Completely NSFL for anyone who wants to look it up at work btw, you've been warned)
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    What the fuck are you talking about? So... you think switching from requiring a slip of paper saying you know something to merely needing to show your skills to prove you know something is ruining the world? Am I reading this right???
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    *cursee just quietly nodding along at the comments*
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    @Parzi Way to miss the entire point. Good job.
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    @Root it happens, it's like 1 in the morning.
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    @Parzi have a coffee mate β˜• and yes I want skill - skill that's directly proven to the employer - to become more important than a silly piece of paper. Merit is what's key, and blood bonds don't show it for certain, and nor does gender, race or whatever (which is what this rant was about) but a piece of paper isn't a guarantee of it either. There's way too many incompetent fucks out there that nonetheless have that piece of paper right now.
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    It was a perfect "Fuck the system" rant, now it's an even more perfect discussion about porn.

    I totally agree with what you said though, @Condor. Let's break it all and build a meritocracy.
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    @irene What works for a corporation can also work for a government. It't the same thing - people work together to achieve a certain goal. Whether it's profit or a liveable community doesn't really matter all that much.

    Relying on my boss knowing more than me (or having contributed more than me, at the very least) means that ususally, every decision is well-thought and explainable - and everyone above will listen to reason.

    I've hardly seen that happen in a democracy (in representative even less than in direct), at least at large scale. In the local community sometimes, but anything beyond that, nope.

    Still, I suppose we're diverting here - this was about hentai a few minutes ago, wasn't it? :D
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    @Condor Oh, I see, I had it backwards. My bad.
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    @irene Interestingly, large corporations often have a "democracy" where the largest shareholders have the most weight ("Meritodemocracy" if you will - the more skin you have in the game, the more your decision is worth). That can work - everyone owning a company's stock wants the same thing: Make a profit. Even fund managers and bankers, who make up some of the largest shareholders at, say, Apple, have that interest in mind, even though they couldn't care less about what color the next iTurd will be available in and possibly don't even know what a CPU is - they'll care about the important thing: hard cash.

    A regular worker can participate in that as well - all he needs to do is buy company stock, which isn't that hard with exchange traded companies (I still prefer ETFs for the diversification though). That's an easy rule to get: You don't risk your own cash, you don't vote.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Euphoria, probably.

    And yeah, meritocracy ftw.
    Sometimes it's not easy or feasible though, so having a paper is the next best thing.
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    @irene That's sort of the point... The underclasses have always been on the butt end of the joke.

    That's the way it was in feudalism, that's still the way it is, that's what it was in any socialist country.

    The only difference in meritocracy is that you don't stay in the underclass if you work hard and keep improving both yourself and things around you. The "underclasses" are those who contribute the least on a long term - whether intentionally because they don't care or unintentionally because they are unable to do anything at all (but in the end, who really is incapable of doing anything at all - considering that more and more people can enter the workforce with different kinds of help).

    I may be overly harsh there because I worked myself up from zero (or perhaps even -100 because my genes are shit) to where I am today, but anyone is capable of some form of industry and a system should reward those who use that capabilities.
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    Meritocracy as a social construct will never work
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    @codetinkery interesting. Why do you think that it wouldn't work? I mean, we've been using meritocracy for the majority of our existence as a human species, and I think that so far it's been an excellent way to achieve as much as we can. Scientific discoveries, new technology, improving our understanding of the universe wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the merit of the very brightest minds among us. To say that meritocracy doesn't work, would be very insulting to the people that made our society and all its perks the way it is today. Heck, if it wasn't for the merit of people like Tim Berners-Lee, this here conversation wouldn't have existed.
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    Is high school dxd good, been planning to check it out but heard there's a lot of ecchi in it.
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    @Turtles-nation put it this way, viewer discretion is strongly advised πŸ™ƒ
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    @Turtles-nation It's meh, but watchable.
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