Thought... I've never '--' a rant and can't think of an instance when I would.

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    Repost, joke known by everyone since years, actual shit that has nothing to do here, miscategorized post, etc..
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    The longer you stay the more you want to downvote some posts.


    "What beast language"
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    @Jilano I will admit to the occasional roll of the eyes and continue scrolling
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    Eventually you will. Trust me.
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    When you read it and think "sounds like your boss/client/friends was right mate..." And the ranter has given them such shit.
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    When you stop thinking as -- as a dislike sort of thing you start using it a lot, use it all the time for reposts and just inappropriate shit (eg people 'attacking' others over personal prefery)

    You'll get there
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    Thinking of it, the last spammer here has been a while ago. Other than that... can't think of any.
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    You will. Just give it time.
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    I do it often, sometimes instead of writing comment I just -- to show that I don't agree :D
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