Tl;Dr: I think react is ugly.

Just cloned a developer git for a certain API and I was going through the application code to get a feel around. I literally said out loud "eww" when I saw the code for the views. Nothing about the pros and cons of the framework, I just think it's hideous. Thoughts from react developers welcome

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    Just chiming in to watch this conversation
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    How long until chaos ensues
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    Not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but what in particular do you find ugly?
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    Nah, I agree, it can look ugly. Mixing logic and presentation normally does.

    It can look pretty though, but it takes some skill.
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    So the idea now is to write everything in javascript. React is html in js. With this, you don't have to worry about writing boilerplate html and hook your javascript conditions to it. You just focus on writing js. Similarly there are now libraries which helps you write css in js. Styled components is one of them.
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    Also if you've heard vue.js being simpler than react, it is mostly because it is html in js. But no bias towards anyone of them, I've used both react and Vue and both are equally awesome 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @stisch I think it was the cascading elements.
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    React nice and functional, no mess unless you go looking for it
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