Well here's how I see things going:

Intel and AMD ditch their assembly architectures for Scratch, because drag and drop is very popular lately.

The Boolean is renamed to the biggot by SJW leaders for only supporting binary views.

You must first ask consent to add an item to a linked list, because forcing two items together promotes rape culture.

Apple removes the "h" and "7" keys on all laptop models and gives no reason for their actions.

Linus Torvalds grows an extra middle finger, and it still isn't enough.

Nintendo makes Mario gay and Luigi black to be more inclusive.

LG makes a curved monitor that curves away from you rather than towards you. People buy it in confusion.

Everyone makes the same ad revenue on YouTube, and it is rebranded to OurTube. Luckily, they were able to keep the color scheme.

People finally realize that machine learning is just math, and stop using it everywhere. (Just kidding lol)

AMD and Gucci merge. Nobody understands why.

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    This is fucking art
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    Hats off to you lad!
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    I can’t agree with AI
    I’ve seen big huawei advertisement today with #doubleAI power hashtag and some #higherAI ads

    So I think the saga will continue with
    unlimited AI
    wireless AI
    and so on, just grab whatever ad and add AI to it and that’s all you would see this year
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    Most beautiful post I've seen in a while.
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    @vane That's the joke. That's why it says "Just kidding"
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    @AlgoRythm yeah I know but just wanted to mention that AI is outdated since double AI is probably 100% better then single AI ( also kidding )
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    I haven't laughed this hard in a while! Props to you for such a clever, quality post with powerful meta-commentary.
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    @irene YouTube has a lot of controversies, mostly centering around censorship and advertisers making it difficult to earn a living from the platform. If they were to employ stereotypical communist values, they could censor as much as they want and nobody would be unfairly paid. Plus the pun of turning things in to "Our"-xyz is a somewhat popular meme lately.
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    woah shit thats a quality post
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    @vane finally i can get that ShitAI so that I can shit fucking comfortably at a quantum level
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    Absolutely the best rant ever.
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    LMAO 🤣 every one is spot on!
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    Art. This is pure A R T !
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    I seriously cannot express how much I fucking love this post. It's probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen on here

    Get it to top post of all time on here guys
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    @infernalempress extremely underrated post.
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    Faptain of rantforces salutes this!!!!
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    Amazing post! Favorited straight away 😁
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    Lost the ylyl at the biggot
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    amd gang amd gang amd gang amd gang
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    I lost it at Scratch
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    Lmfao at the curved monitor and people buying it in confusion
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    This makes no sense, I like it!
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