Power BI: wonderful tool, pretty graphics, and can do a lot of powerful stuff.

But it’s also quite frustrating when you want to do advanced things, as it’s such a closed platform.

* No way to run powerquery scripts in a command line
* Unit testing is a major pain, and doesn’t really test all the data munging capabilities
* The various layers (offline/online, visualisation, DAX, Powerquery, Dataset, Dataflow) are a bit too seamless: locating where an issue is happening when debugging can be pain, especially as filtering works differently in Query Editing mode than Query Visualisation mode.

And my number 1 pet peeve:
* No version control

It’s seriously disconcerting to go back to a no version control system, especially as you need to modify “live code” sometimes in order to debug a visual.

At best, I’ve been looking into extracting the code from the file, and then checking that into git, but it’s still a one-way street that means a lot of copying and pasting back into the program in order to roll back, and makes forking quite difficult.

It’s rewarding to work with the system, but these frustrations can really get to me sometimes

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    You are thinking like a developer in a non development domain.
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    @bkwilliams the amount of coding I’ve been doing in the data extraction phase somewhat requires me to. Just because it’s not a classic language doesn’t mean it’s not development.
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